A Circus Birthday Party For Your Little One – Welcome to the Big Top!

For a colorful and unique kids party you should try circus birthday party theme. It will be such a wonderful celebration…and it’s not difficult to incorporate all the fun circus acts and activities into your very own party. You and your child will have a very special day to look back on! Make sure to take lots of photos of this magical event.

Every kids party should keep your little guests entertained from the time they arrive, until the last one leaves. If any party theme is able to accomplish that task, it’s a circus! There are tons of great ideas to keep everyone at this party busy from start to finish.

Of course, The Greatest Show on Earth is just not the same without the good old big top. What a perfect name for that giant colorful tent that lets everyone know the big show is about to begin.
There are inflatable games and tents for rent that can be set up in your yard if you really want the full effect of the carnival atmosphere. Lots of games are ideal for this kind of party…the peanut game, bean bag toss, hoop toss…all can be easily set up to provide a carnival atmosphere for your little guests.

Decorate your yard or house with lots of red and yellow helium filled latex balloons. If your holding it inside let the balloons float up to the ceiling and it will look like the inside of a tent. Cut or print out colorful pictures of circus animals or give the kids some fun clown coloring pages to keep them busy. Play a dress up like a clown game. Get some old clothes, colorful ones, or old costumes you have stored away and play a relay dress up race. This fun party game is always good for some laughs. Make sure you have a prize for each child when the game is over!

Keeping kids entertained with a circus theme is easy. There are entertainers who will come in dressed as clowns, magicians or jugglers to give your party a real feel of the big show. Face painting is another great activity for this kind of party. Favors can include a red clown nose or animal crackers. Balloon animals made by twisting long balloons into funny shapes are always fun. You can find instructions online and learn to do this yourself. Give one to each guest and let them take it home with them for a special treat!

There are all kinds of goodies that are perfect for this party theme. Popcorn and cotton candy are the usual circus fair, serve them along with hot dogs and hamburgers. Waffle Ice cream sandwiches and candy apples are great for desserts along, of course with a birthday cake. You can make a balloon cake yourself. Bake a cake and some cupcakes. Cut the tops of the cupcakes off and place them on your frosted cake. Decorate them in different colors with frosting…use string licorice as strings and you’ve just added a bunch of balloons to your party cake.

Hand out goody bags with candies, glow sticks, temporary tattoos and your just about done with your party planning. Always have your camera on hand to snap some wonderful pictures of this special birthday celebration. I like to send each guest a picture with a Thank You note afterwards.

You can make a free printable birthday banner at home using your computer and printer. Get some fun circus hats and hand them out as your guests arrive.

You will have a great time along with your family and friends at this entertainment spectacular. You can make sure this is the best circus birthday party ever.