Little John’s Circus Big-Top Birthday Party

This time, when your birthday party is approaching, consider celebrating your birthday in a different way just to change the pattern and see how much fun you and your guests can have. What other ways for a party can you consider? Well your imagination can run wild for a moment and come up with lots of ways to enjoy your choice of birthday party.

Depending for whom the birthday is, the number of choices can be more or less but surely there is plenty to choose from. You can have “over the hill birthday parties”, “pajama birthday parties”, “wild west theme parties”, “swimming pool birthday parties”, “camping birthday parties”, “classic movie birthday parties”, “BBQ birthday parties”, “Extreme boozing birthday parties” and the list can go on and on.

Having too long a list may in a way limit your choice or delay your choice if indecision creeps in. So, give yourself 60 seconds from a list of your favourite five choices and pick one you can start planning on. If, for instance, you picked a circus birthday bash, this is what you can start planning immediately.

Imagine you want to give your young son a wonderful circus big-top-like bash to make him very happy indeed. This is your choice: “Little John’s Circus Big-Top Birthday Party”. Your child and guests can be thrilled with this type of celebration if you let your imagination create lively action that keeps everyone well entertained. And in this theme, the possibilities are endless.

In this case the little ones must be continually entertained so that they do not have time to go into their little short attention spans and start mischievous pursuits of their own. A circus birthday big-top-bash surely could or must be staged under a big top. This is then one of the first priorities: you either use and modify, decorate a gazebo that you may have at home to convert it into a big-top-like or find a big-top that you can hire for the day.

You can even use your own living room and decorate appropriately for the circus theme, using the front entrance as “The Circus Grand Entrance To The Big-Top John´s Birthday Party” duly decorated with balloons by the ceiling floating in multicoloured patterns, streamers, stars etc. This, if you don’t want the big expense of hiring a big-top tent to use in the back garden or in the front patio. All furniture stacked to a side of the room previously of course.

The magic games need to be flowing, the goody bags provided to the little ones congregated in the middle of the room where all the action will take place. They will want to perform magician acts, sing songs, take part in craft activity and all this really is best left to an entertainer that you can hire for these type of occasions; experts at organizing kids into fluent incessant activity so they don’t lose their enthusiasm during the whole of the event.

But the little ones and the guests need to be provided through the bash with drinks and food to delight them: popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, candied apples and more appropriate foods for the young and old.

There is no point in agonizing about your young one having a good time or about your guests because, when you provide them with the good things of this theme party, everyone is bound to have a great time, especially if it is organized by a professional entertainer or by very considered thoughtful parents.

Also, plan for contingencies in case you decide to have the bash outside and later to have good help for clearing after the birthday circus party. Consider as well all other things that you could hire nowadays so easily that make your party an even bigger, more enjoyable event like hiring moon-walks for the kids, cotton candy makers, trampolining platforms for the young and old and a clown or two as well. If your imagination covered these and more ideas, the enjoyment of your son and all the guests is certainly assured with the “Little John´s Circus Big-Top Birthday Party”.